Our Goal for the GT is hoping to become a 256 man event with your help, where we don’t end up with 3 or more undefeated players, in that thought, we have decided to make the jump from 2 days to 3. We understand that this is a bigger commitment of both time and cost from our attendees but hope that this doesnt discourage you form returning or coming out to the event for the first time.

Schedule: Friday: Round 1, 13:00 – 16:00, Round 2 16:30 – 19:30

Saturday: Round 3, 09:00 – 12:00, Round 4 13:00 – 16:00, Round 5 16:15 – 19:15

Sunday: Round 6, 09:00 -12:00, Round 7 13:00 – 1600, Awards 16:30

Player Packet: Each player will recieve an emailed player packet well in advance of the event in order to plan out their army list. This packet will contain the missions, terrain rules, and FAQ. Our goal is to give you as much upfront information as we can so that you aren’t blinsided by the missions, how the tables will be set up, or how one of our judges will rule any unusual things that aren’t black and white in the rules of 40k. Missions will not be ITC missions, they will be missions designed by us and playtested thoroughly. If you have any questions on the mission feel free to contact us and we can send you the rough draft early. Terrain will be handled with a plan for an even balanced tournament and at the same time aesthetically not a boring stare down rows of symmetry. We will have 5-6 table layouts with different themes that will be evenly balanced and promote well rounded armies and a chance for most army compositions to succeed at some level. All early questions for our FAQ are highly encouraged as they will help us create a robust FAQ in the packet that will alleviate players needing to call a judge and one of the players ending up in a gotcha moment.

Painting/Proxy: In addition to the standard painting restriction listed for all events at the Dallas Open, we at the 40k GT will require the following.

  1. All models are fully painted with at least 3 different true colors – this means no dotting, no spray 3 colors randomly, no spray, drybrush and wash, etc… All models will be painted to look like they should using at least 3 colors, if you’re unsure if your army doesnt make this requirement it probably doesn’t, but if its an odd model that really doesnt need 3 colors contact us to discuss it
  2. Bases – all bases need to have something more than the model on them, and you brush strokes from painting the model do not count. a basing material, a texure, something to that affect. For size of base, we expect players to put models on the bases that they CURRENTLY are sold with, the major two examples of things that you should start rebasing are Bikes and Ork Boyz, If you go the route of base extenders and its clear you are using older models an exception will be made that the extesion part does not need to have basing material but your painting and overall score will be affected.
  3. Proxy – Proxies will be accepted or denied on a case by case basis, as it is difficult to set any stone laws for this just remember your proxy is more likely to be accepted if its A: roughly the same size B: has similar armamanets modeled C: fits the theme of Warhammer 40k and your army. If you have any proxies be sure to let us know, even if you’ve brought it to other events for years. Proxy approval will be denoted on your nametag so that players will know whether or not your odd models were cleared with the TOs

In closing, we here at the Dallas Open thank you for thinking of making us one of the events you decide to attend in 2020. If you have any questions that werent covered, once again, feel free to contact us, we would love for you to come and help make the Dallas Open one of the biggest and the best event of the year!