This five round two day tournament will crown the champion of Star Wars; Legion.

This will be a standard 800 point tournament Swiss tournament. Day 1 will be 3 rounds with a cut to top 8 by MOV. Day 2 will be single elimination rounds. Standard round time will be 2 hours 15 minutes. The Final Round on Day 2 will be 3 hours 30 minutes.

This is a Formal level event. Players should be familiar with the game rules, and be prepared to exercise that knowledge to
play at a reasonable pace. Players are expected to avoid bumping units and refrain from other
sloppy play mistakes. The focus is a friendly competitive environment.

Players are responsible for bringing all of the game components they need to play a game of Star Wars: Legion. This includes their army, order tokens for each unit, command hand, sufficient dice for attack and defense rolls, movement tools, and a range ruler. In addition, players must bring 12 unique objective, deployment, and condition battle cards, four of each type. When an army list is required, players should bring a completed list or arrive at the venue early to fill one out. One copy of your list must be turned into the tournament organizer prior to the event. It is recommended you retain a second copy of your list to present to your opponent during set up.